London 2016 New in

Topshop budget scoops

July 29, 2016

topshop shoes heels scoop budget shopping new in london-7508Two new pairs of shoes

Me and shoes is a never ending story. I usually find it kind of hard to find shoes I really like in the high street stores, but when we went to Topshop in London last week I almost went overboard. Ha ha. I found so many shoes that I really really liked, and that I already matched with so many of my clothes in my head. I think I tried over 10 pairs, and I could have easily bought at least 6 of them and knowing that they would be used a lot. But I managed to pick three pairs that got to come home with me, and this is two of them.

The grey pair were the first pair to go home with me. They are pretty similar to a pair of shoes from Chanel that I really want, but these had (of course) a very different price. So I bought these, and if I wear them a lot I might be looking at the Chanel ones eventually. The other pair with the flowers is so rare, and I love the look of them, and the colors and the print. Can’t wait to wear these with everything the next months. So happy, finding budget scoops like these is really so fun πŸ˜€

topshop shoes heels scoop budget shopping new in london-7524

London 2016 New in

Grey Balenciaga

July 28, 2016

balenciaga bag shopping new in london bicester village outlet-7478My new Balenciaga

Ok, so I didn’t shop that much when I was in London this time, but I did come home with one bag and three pairs of shoes (topshop that is). I found this pretty bag at the Bicester Village outlet, so I actually think I got it like -50% off, which I think is a really good deal. As you already know I have a lot of colored bags in my collection, so every basic color that I find and that I like is very welcome. Ha ha. This is going to be perfect for fall and winter, and I love the kind of used and smoshed leather of it. It looks very casual and laidback, and I like that. Such a scoop πŸ˜€

What do you guys think of my new bag?

London 2016 Outfit

That burgundry dress

July 28, 2016

sponsored dress / adlinks

outfit london hallhuber dress valentino chanel 2.55-7062Burgundry dress in the streets of London

The second outfit from London, this one was for our first dinner which was at Hakkasan. That restaurant is my absolute favorite in London, they always have such good food and amazing service, and they got really good drinks! I kind of already want to go back, ha ha.

Btw, I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. This week we’ve been painting some more in our apartment, the kitchen corner and our entrance is now nice and white. Only thing left painting now is the inside of our entrance door, so excited about that! Yesterday evening we helped my good friend Gina move into her apartment, which is actually just a two minute walk from our apartment. So happy to have her so close to me πŸ˜€

outfit london hallhuber dress valentino chanel 2.55-7094 outfit london hallhuber dress valentino chanel 2.55-7067 outfit london hallhuber dress valentino chanel 2.55-7085 outfit london hallhuber dress valentino chanel 2.55-7109 outfit london hallhuber dress valentino chanel 2.55-7054(adlinks)

Hallhuber dress
Chanel bag
Valentino shoes


Monthly luxury

July 27, 2016

partly sponsored treatment

nails lashes lashextensions S&M oslo manicure-7291New lashes and nails for the last part of summer

On Monday after work it was finally time to get my nails and lashes done again. It was just a little over four weeks since last time, and during those four weeks these nails and lashes has gone through a lot of different things. Ha ha. So it was reallyΒ time to fresh things up again!

I went for a kind of dark pink brownish color on my nails this time, it’s so delicate when my skin is sunkissed. I love it! I’ve also gone back to the almond shape on my nails, and I have to admit that I like that a little bit better den the square one. Thank you S&M for always keeping my nails and lashes on point!

Next thing I’m fixing now is my hair, and I really can’t wait! I’m going to the hairdresser after work on Friday, and I’m so excited to see how it turns out. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, but something needs to happen. Ha ha..

nails lashes lashextensions S&M oslo manicure-7297

London 2016 Travel tips

London breakfast tips; The Grazing Goat

July 26, 2016

london breakfast tips travel-7116Having breakfast at The Grazing Goat

As some of you might already now, I’m a huge breakfast fan. In my opinion that is definitley the best meal of the whole day, and especially if you’re out traveling. I love going to cities like London, New York and Paris, because they have so many amazing breakfast places.

When we were in London last week we walked by this cute restaurant on our way to the train, it was a lot of people seated outside (many people is always a good sign), and the breakfast menu looked good. It’s not that often we find a place that both serve the kind of breakfast I like, and the kind of breakfast Fredrik likes, so we sat down here. I had the most amazing fresh juice (with apple, carrot and ginger), blueberry pancakes and a cappuccino. Yum!

This restaurant is located just a few streets up from Marble Arch, so it’s perfect to stop here before going shopping in Oxford Street. Or as we did, before jumping on the train to the outlet!

london breakfast tips travel-7113 london breakfast tips travel-7112

London 2016 Outfit

In between colored houses

July 25, 2016

sponsored sunglasses & watch / adlinksoutfit london notting hill zara balenciaga chanel dress espadrilles summer-6971Black and white in London

So, this is the first outfit from London. It was so freaking hot the days we were there, we were sweating all the time. Ha ha. This outfit was not that bad though, because the dress is so loose, that I got air everywhere, so it didn’t feel that hot.

Today is my first day back at work after vacation, and I started my week the way I like, at the gym really early. Tonight we’re getting Gina over for dinner, so we are back to normal routines already. I love it! Happy Monday!

outfit london notting hill zara balenciaga chanel dress espadrilles summer-7023 outfit london notting hill zara balenciaga chanel dress espadrilles summer-6984 outfit london notting hill zara balenciaga chanel dress espadrilles summer-7030 outfit london notting hill zara balenciaga chanel dress espadrilles summer-7004(adlinks)

Komono sunglasses
H&M t-shirt
Zara dress (similar here)
Cluse watch
Balenciaga bag
Chanel espadrilles

Crete 2016 Videos

Crete travel vlog

July 24, 2016

Welcome to Greece!

Youtube Sunday again! This time I’m sharing a travel vlog from our trip to Greece with you guys. I really had so much fun filming little clips here and there throughout our entire holiday. And it’s so nice to have and look back at. I’m definitely going back to this place, maybe already next summer?

I hope you guys like travel vlog’s like these when I’m our traveling, if you do I’m definitely going to do more in the future.

Now we’re on our way back home to Oslo, after two weeks of vacation. I have to admit that I’m really looking forward to spending some days in our apartment now, I feel like we haven’t been home at all since we moved in. Ha ha! I’m soon going to show you some photos as well, we just have to get a little bit more into place. Happy sunday!

Crete 2016

Pink flamingo

July 23, 2016

greece crete pool pink flamingo swimsuit envii-6823Swimsuit from Envii

Henriette brought this amazing pink flamingo to Greece last week, and I love it! I wish our whole pool could be filled with different kinds of animals like this, so pretty!

Btw, I’m currently at Hvaler, visiting Fredrik’s family. Summer in Norway is really amazing when it’s at it’s best, like it is now. Today we’ve been out for a run, and then we have just been relaxing at the porch. Tomorrow we’re going back to Oslo again, and on Monday it’s back to work. I love holiday, but I’m also looking forward to getting back to the office πŸ˜€ I love normal days!

greece crete pool pink flamingo swimsuit envii-6877 greece crete pool pink flamingo swimsuit envii-6865

New in

New Valentino babies

July 22, 2016


shopping valentino ruckstud summer ss16-7221New in; Valentino Rockstud leather pumpsΒ (adlink)

Ok, so I have looked at these pretty shoes since they came out right after christmas. I’ve wanted this model for some years now, but I have never gotten to the point where I actually buy them, until now. As you know I like to buy my designer shoes and bags on sale, especially when they are in a special color or print. I managed to wait until I got these on -50% off before I bought them, so happy with that! This was the last pair, so it was really ment to be πŸ˜€

They are really comfortable to wear, and I can’t wait to wear them with jeans once I get back to Oslo! So in love, and the color is to die for.

shopping valentino ruckstud summer ss16-7227

Crete 2016 Outfit

Surrounded by pink flowers

July 22, 2016

sponsored jumpsuit / adlinkscrete greece outfit jumpsuit lindex flowers givenchy isabel marant-6747Surrounded by beautiful flowers in Greece

My last outfit from Greece for now, this was from our last dinner in Almyrida. This jumpsuit is so amazing to wear, the fabric is so soft! I love it πŸ˜€

Now we are on our way to Hvaler, to spend our weekend there. The weather is really amazing here in Norway, so lucky that we still have vacation when it’s so hot. Hope you’re all enjoying summer wherever you are!

crete greece outfit jumpsuit lindex flowers givenchy isabel marant-6766 crete greece outfit jumpsuit lindex flowers givenchy isabel marant-6786 crete greece outfit jumpsuit lindex flowers givenchy isabel marant-6729 crete greece outfit jumpsuit lindex flowers givenchy isabel marant-6788 crete greece outfit jumpsuit lindex flowers givenchy isabel marant-6755(adlinks)

Ray-Ban sunglasses
Lindex jumpsuit
Hermes bracelet
Givenchy bag
Isabel Marant sandals